You sound

so good

Inside internal good

Soft laughing


Paragliding easy

Foofee sliding surprises


In the present.

Every milestone

Is a pinnacle

One step further


Ice cream carpets on skies.

River dancing thrice the joy

Healing release


embracing hugging

Loving the essence

Of Self-Intimacy

The the tease and perfect

Spoil of attraction

Someone flirting with me

A luxuriant spoil

Sexy was never what I think it is

This Neanderthal is my magnificence

This King my mirror

I love this flow

I’m in my good

I’m in my glow

My laugh is light

The silence is not silent

We in our stillness

Innour emergence

Are writing a poem

This is depth

Dance to your truth

Let it unravel

You are loved

So tenderly

So precious

You fill my life

As pestle and mortar

Grind into the finest perfect

the Pursuit of peace

The blessings of life amore

Walking together

We are good

We glow

SSo good 


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