The free


power to


Dangerously uninhibited

it gives with no exits

Just open entries

It gives with surrender

It portions nothing.

Everything. it is

Nothing is reserved

Into engapheli

Into that matures with the giving

Pure and desirable

Like a perfectly kept cask of Good wine

It entices the will to preserve

It compels a wealth of love

It empties the sky of darkness

It blows in the winds of free flows

It is rooted in friendship

A lifelong kinship

This thing is absorbed

Have me

Like life unimaginable without

Have me

The parts that now complete us whole

Have me

Your last tear seeing its memorial

Have me and acquaint our dreams

Have me distinguish our skin and our footprint in existence

Have me and increase the caccooned joy and light


Where troughs have no bottoms

And i may fulfil my own having.

(Into= Zulu word for’the one thing’)


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