I’ve had everything under 30

Every prescribed token of Power Money Success

A bigness race for gratification

Except The man I’d Choose

Except The kids I Receive

Except The cleansing Love I’d give to Me.

All else indulged, chased and even shunned from. Lost to the newest pearl and gold.

Now I see all mean nothing

Meaning ‘Nothingness’ is everything

What am I chasing?

What do i want ?


Taking control

Overcoming things that stress my world

Being clear

Being soft

Wanting lowly

Loving up

being content

Patiently waiting

Faithfully trusting

Prayerfully believing




Learning to be luxurious

In loving me.

filling myself up so

I can give without limit.

Having something to bless by

The innate beauty and strength

Of innermost peace.

Forgiving freely

Being small and whole

Being bendable

Laughing abundantly

Longing without losing

Taking without ruining

Seeing without Squinting

Dreaming and not drowning

Surrendering Without Shredding

Wanting without desperation or discord

Completeness, mine.

And totally safe in this morning

AA concubine of self

Soul shelter shhhhh

Smiling towards eternity

Embracing the love of God fully

Being enough



This is the stoop of happy

Where I now sit

And fill my trough

Never alone not without

If abundance

All is well

I am loved

I am safe

I am whole

I am beautiful

Life is music


Perfectly matched


My reminder

Of what’s behind

This door I so

Closely held and treasure



Now I’m overflowing

Of nature’s joy

Butterfly arrival

Fountain flow

Mountain rise

Ocean deep

Waters fill

An endless grace

An endless embrace

The longest root

The harvest fruit; pruned vines

Primed and purposed

The sun and bloom

My tranquil in grandeur

This large

Legit and loaded

Living Looming








Inspired by PatCegan ‘Running Away’

Am I running away from life

when I stop doing what everyone does?

This running here and there

working crazy hours to buy

what we don’t need

with never a moment

to stop and enjoy

our beautiful world

is not how I want my life to be.


I want less work and busyness

more time to savor life

living a simple life

quiet, peaceful

not hurried to get

where I don’t want to go.


I’m not running away

rather embracing life

lived with awareness

and respect

not lost in shopping malls

crowded highways, tiny cubicles

where the sun never shines

no, that’s not the life for me.


Pat Cegan | March 7, :




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