I cannot grasp

This incident in  this moment.l

To be and not be

The chill in the air

Birds forget their wings

Beak begins to maul at rocks

Nothing but silence fills the air

Smoking silence

War doesn’t matter

Hate has no honour

Anger frozen

Pain puffs the air

Like turbulent soot


Her face is as pretty as sunshine

Her presence warm as summer

Her voice as gentle as petal

Cashmere to the skin

Her imprint the soothing scent

Of the air’s freshness at morning’s mist

Her memory as sweet as God’s smile.


I cannot grasp

That life can be

That life can taken

To be no more

Just so we don’t lose the sensation

Or leave any broken vessel uncollected

Let no news be silent

Or voices silenced

Love lives here

Love lived abundantly


She was a pillar

She was Love

She will be loved always

So after all

Love’s conquered

Love’s anchored

Love’s forever more

Love is eternal


I can grasp

That She was the light

That would fill the earth

Now shining bright from

Heaven’s gate

So we are safe

So you are warmed by Love

In the guardianship of Perfect Love

The Angel who is forever good.

You are forever near



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